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June is Pride Month, when the worlds LGBT communities come together to celebrate the freedom to be themselves.  I'm excited to say with each bag 6.00 will be donated to PRIDEFOUNDATION.ORG in honor of my sister and her wife and so many other who are proud to be themselves and continue to show the world that Love wins. 
A beautiful blend of sumatra and columbian coffee incredible roasted at any level. 

"This coffee is so interesting and the best way I can describe this one is it makes me think of hiking and camping. There are so many flavors from the almond and chocolate, all the way to granola and raisins. So the best pairing had to be trail mix!  The pride makes a cups that's not too bold, not too heavy, and not too acidic, its actually very naturally sweet with warm spice undertones"- Collin Carathers


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